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What exactly is TAR?

Toxic Abusive Relationship (TAR) is one that makes you feel unsupported, misunderstood, demeaned, belittled, and makes you lose your own sense of identity. On a basic level, any relationship that makes you feel worse rather than better can become toxic over time. A relationship where you give more than the other person, can be also considered toxic.

Men suffer from TAR the same as women, but do not come forward as it goes against the stereotype of men being the abusers and women being the victims. Men don’t speak about their feelings or experiences as often. They “suck it up” which discourages them from coming forward, unwilling to show their weaknesses. Unfortunately, there are limited resources for men.

We encourage both men and women to share their stories and join the movement.

We are all Johnny!

The last words of Johnny’s statement in his post-trial address were the “Truth never perishes.” Johnny Depp finally spoke his Truth. The awareness this trial has brought to so many is incalculable: though the pain may be inevitable, suffering in silence is not.

Let’s face it, in this trial, Johnny was able to tell our story through his experiences – and in doing that, he opened a window for all of us to climb through. Though the trial triggered both men and women who have suffered from TAR, the trial has opened the door specifically for male survivors to share their stories. In sync with the trial, the world has found out that at least 30% of Intimate Partner Violence has men as the victims, but because of cultural roles, and the shame and stigma, they do not tell their stories.

For Johnny, enough was enough. We encourage you to speak up, stand up to injustice and share your survival and recovery stories.

This was Johnny’s Truth. What is Yours?

“I pride myself on honesty… on truth. Truth is the only thing I’m interested in.

Lies will get you nowhere, and lies build upon lies… I’m obsessed with the truth.
It was the only time I was able to speak and use my own voice.”

 – Johnny Depp

Help us raise awareness of TAR!

Everybody has a story to share. That is why we created the TAR Tales website, where you can share your experiences with the rest of our community and help us raise awareness of the victims of domestic abuse. We invite you to speak up and share your survival and recovery stories. Why? Because it is beneficial for your healing and will become the foundation of international public health, educational and awareness campaign.

Sharing stories is the only way we can connect as humans.

Learning more about someone and their story enables us to understand them on a different level and form a deeper connection. For those of you who are struggling to open up, remember:

Safety is not the absence of the threat, but the presence of connection.

We have your back!

TAR Tales is a safe place for you to share your Truth. When it comes to emotional abuse, the brutal truth is that society enables abuse in all shapes and forms.

Allegations of abuse must be taken extremely seriously. People that suffer from substance abuse should not be demonized. People who suffer from mental disorders and those who have experienced narcissistic abuse and have also become collateral damage should not be stigmatized. This is your opportunity to share your Tales safely and anonymously, without fear of prejudice.

For speaking his Truth, Johnny Depp and all victims of TAR deserve applause.

It’s time for you to tell your Truth.

Tell us your tale:

Only survivor stories that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing:
  • You must own your story and the rights to it. If you’re telling someone else’s story, please have their permission to do so.
  • The story must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  • The story must not include marketing-related links and must not be self-promotional.
  • Survivor stories that are approved for publishing will be published without notice.  Please check the site periodically to see if your post has been published.
  • Survivor/recovery story submission is not a guarantee of publication.
  • Your story cannot be an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post.
  • All links will be checked to ensure that they are valid, secure, and are not advertisement or spam.

We will not make any edits to your post with the possible exception of unrelated links, spelling, grammar and punctuation. The original message of the post will not be changed or refocused without your permission.

Your Song:

We encourage you to share your recovery/survival song that has helped you through your journey.


Please note that we understand the work that it takes to write a story like ours. With that being said, while we would love to publish every survivor story, only those that meet our guidelines, as outlined above, will be published.

* Completely optional and will never be published.

About us

TAR Tales was created by a team behind Partners in Men’s Health organization, to allow everyone to tell the world their traumatic real-life stories.
A movement where once and for all, those who suffered in silence will have the opportunity to share their Truth.

Partners in Men’s Health, established by Dr. Jamie and Mila, is here for every human being to listen to their stories and help raise awareness about the hidden clinical pandemic of TAR and narcissistic abuse that can and has already affected millions of us.

Whether you are a spouse, son, daughter, parent, or a colleague in a toxic work environment, Dr. Jamie and Mila, through Partners in Men’s Health organization, will always have your back.


Have you stepped in TAR? There is a better way to live.

Partners in Men’s Health helps all partners and spouses locked into TAR while focusing on men primarily. PMH supports men to heal with dignity through the concealed pandemic of Emotional Abuse at the hands of Personality Disordered loved ones.

Education is the key to making more people aware of the signs of mental illnesses and treatment options.

CPTSD Foundation is here to provide the safety, life skills, relational education, and reparative experiences a survivor needs so they can create new habits and experience optimum health in every area of life.